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Palace Gallery

Palace Gallery is our parent company and has the full website offering the complete line of products you see at SCA events plus much, much more. This includes Italian Renaissance Court Clothing, Gipsy Peddler Rapier Armor, Unique Fashion Accessories (feather fans, pomanders, fleafurs and rosaries), Reproduction Jewelry, Hats & Headwear, Purses & Pouches, Books and Sewing Notions (Buttons, Clasps, Needle Cases and Thimbles.

Academie d'Espee

The Academie d'Espee consists of Provosts (Order of the White Scarf), Free Scholars (Gold Scarf) and Scholars (Blue Scarf). It exists to promote the practice and enjoyment of period style combat with the rapier and related weapons as well as service to both Atlantian Rapier and the Kingdom of Atlantia.
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