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Valued Patrons and Benefactors

THL Edmund Cavendish, Meridies
...I am an unreservedly enthusiastic supporter of Gipsy Peddler. They have always stood behind their wares, providing a very high level of service, professionalism and customer satisfaction. Over the years, I have recommended GP to numerous new fencers for their armor and have never had to regret doing so. It's so much more fun to best your opponent when you look good doing it!
With Warmest Regards....
THL Edmund Cavendish, Meridies
Steve Heydel, TN

...Yesterday, I received the new doublet you made for me, and I am awe struck by its beauty and workmanship. It fits perfectly and the style and color are fantastic. My wife is apprenticed to a Laurel and she had nothing but fantastic comments. She said there is no way she could create such a piece of workmanship for what you ask for your work. As long as you are in business you have a committed customer for life.
Thank you again....
Rabbie Mac Cutcheon, Trimaris
Robert Hutchins, FL
Captian Morgan Ryan MacAnthony, Atlantia
...I know I have thanked you many times in person over the many years I have patronized you store (always looking to add yet another fine piece of wearable art to my wardrobe!) but I certainly wanted to send you a note to let others know of the splendid work you produce. I now have several shirts, three doublets, pants and sleeves - all of which are of top quality, fabric and above all Look Great! Never once have I had any issues with the clothing pieces, even my older doublets that now have several years of wear on them. You are a master at your craft and I look forward to more purchases in the future...
Captain Morgan Ryan MacAnthony, Atlantia
Captain of the Drunken Mariners

...Well it arrived in the nick of time. I literally picked the parcel up on the way to the airport to fly to Rowany Festival. Sizing was perfect, quality excellent, and I'm already recommending you to everyone locally......
Lork Emrys Tudur, Barony of Ildhafn
Matthew Mole, New Zealand

Pirates of Pennsic!

Max, Captain Morgan, Raven and Mike
Lord Athalwolf Ironhand, Atlantia
Tom Ashley, MD

...Most clothing merchants have either fighter garb or court garb. I have found that Gipsy Peddler (A Division of Palace Gallery) has been able to put together wonderful, sturdy fighter garb that is fancy enough for the highest court. And where I have had to replace many fighter pants and shirts from other merchants, I have had no problems with Gipsy Peddler's garb in the 4 years I have worn them and have not had to replace anything!... Athalwolf Ironhand, Atlantia
Tom Ashley, MD

...I received the hood today and can't thank you enough. It's one of the few things my daughter wants and needs - and doesn't have a clue is coming. This wouldn't be possible without your quick response and service. I'm sure you know this, but you have an extraordinary reputation for very high quality merchandise. It's a great tribute that your service is every bit as good.....
Beth White, GA

...I did not have the opportunity to try out my new armor on the field before today's tournament. It not only looked great, but it was a delight to fence in. It's comfortable, breathes well, and easy to move in. Between the excellent workmanship and the excellent customer service, rest assured I will order from you again. Thanks very much!
Lord Charles de Cayeux, Aethelmearc
C.J. Showers Jr, PA

Benoy's Best Man, Canada
...Last September, before my wedding, I ordered some fencing attire for my best friend as a gift to my Best Man. The intent was to gift him with something of fine quality and workmanship equal to the love I held for him. I spent weeks carefully researching various online vendors and finally decided on you. When the clothing finally arrived, my best friend in the world was humbled by the generosity and quality of the gift I had given him. This man means more to me than words can rightly express and you were able to provide a gift that equaled his worth.
Thank you...Most Sincerely
Ken Benoy
Calgary, Alberta

Basia of the East Kingdom

...Thank you, thank you, thank you! The outfit you made for me is simply *amazing*. I love it. I knew you did amazing work, but this was beyond my expectations. It's beautiful. The workmanship is excellent. When I came to the office and saw the box, I could not wait to get home to try it out. It fit perfectly. Thank you so very very very much for the work and the care you put into it! I don't think I'll ever stop gushing at the wonderful job you did and how thoughtful you were! Thank you again.

So much did I love the outfit, I took a picture right away to show all my friends!...I must say that the friends of mine who've seen my picture all say how wonderful that outfit looks. Some are quite jealous!
PS - My husband's shirt fit exactly as he wanted too! He's very pleased.
Basia of the East Kingdom
...Just a quick note to let you know I received the doublet a couple of weeks ago and it is beautiful! I love it and it fits and works like a dream. Thank you so much for your excellent work.....
Valerie Layne

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