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Gipsy Peddler
SCA Rapier Armor

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Stock Fabric Selection
for Dresses & Doublets/Jerkins
Tie-On Sleeves
Skirts & Venetians

SF6BWeston - Sapphire Blue

SF6GWeston - Dove Gray
Weston Brocade

This is the newest addition to our stock fabric selection.

It has that popular all-over pattern (called "diapering") that was so very popular in the past and is still favored today.

This one has a small floral design (1/4" X 3/8") at the junction of each diamond.

The diamond measures approximately 1 3/8" in width and 1 3/4" in height.

We recommend dry cleaning.

Weston Colors:
Blue Sapphire - 6 yards
Black Pepper - 6 yards
Dove Gray - 3 yards
Merlot Burgundy - 3 yards

SF6MWeston - Merlot Burgundy

SF6PWeston - Black Pepper
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